Patz 9000 Manure Pump

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Patz 9000 Manure Pump


The operating principle is simple. The gutter cleaner moves manure over a screen. Liquids drop through the screen into the sump that is installed below the floor of the gutter.

The submersible pump moves the liquid through a 2-inch PVC pipe to a discharge point at the end of the slide into your manure spreader. The gutter cleaner takes the solids up the slide and discharges them into the spreader. The system uses no check valves. When the pump is turned off, liquids will flow out the sloping pipe or drain back into the sump.

Maintenance is low. The pump is heavy duty with an oil bath motor. It uses 230 volts, the same as the gutter cleaner but the motor draws less than 6 amps.

To eliminate corrosion, the system has a pump with stainless steel parts and utilizes PVC piping that won’t rust.

Should the pump need service, it lifts out easily. If the pump is out for service, you can still operate the gutter cleaner.

The Patz Liquid Transfer System does not require extra space in your barn. It can work with all brands of gutter cleaners.

The pump’s two-inch discharge matches the intake diameter for full flow. Also, they use two-vane, nonclogging impellers.

The system is easy to install anytime - winter or summer. Your system is ready to use the day after installation.

So, if you have a problem with manure rollback on your gutter cleaner slide, your Patz Dealer has the solution - the Patz Liquid Transfer Systems.

  • Pump Performance: G.P.M. at total head in feet, Subtract 2-1/2 feet (76.2 cm) of head per 90° elbow.
  • 5'(1.524m) - 160
  • 10'(3.048m) - 130
  • 15'(4.572m) - 80
  • 20'(6.096m) - 60
  • 25'(7.620m) - Shutoff
  • Gutter Widths: 15" to 20" (381 mm to 508mm)
  • Hole Size for Installation: 18" (457 mm) wide x 24" (610 mm) long x 30" (762 mm) depth below gutter bottom (20 gal. sump).
  • Pipe Size: 2" (50.8 mm) PVC schedule 40 Pipe supports should be every 10' (3m) apart.
  • Pump Dimensions:
  • Height to top of handle: 19-3/8" (492 mm)
  • Width at widest point: 12-5/8" (321 mm)
  • Discharge: 2 NPT
  • Suction inlet opening: 2" (51mm)
  • Weight: 84 lb. (38 kg)


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