Product Videos

JT Boat 1700 Series. Manure Agitation done right! [2min 30secs]

TMR Mixer Features Variable - Frequency Drive [1min 6secs]

TMR Mixers Make Feeding Easier [48secs]

TMR Mixer Mixes High - Hay Rations Faster [57secs]

TMR Vertical Mixers - Faster and Cleaner [2min 53secs]

Sand-Laden Manure No Match for Patz Tundra™ Pro Pump [1min 40secs]

TMR Mixers Mix in Half the Time! [1min 6secs]

TMR Mixers Mix Bulky and Concentrated Feeds! [1min 6secs]

From Feeding to Cleaning, Patz Remains Reliable [56secs]

Manure Pumps - 20 Million Gallons and Counting! [1min 36secs]

TMR Mixer - Quality Batches of Any Size! [1min 49secs]

TMR Mixers Mix Higher - Quality Rations Twice as Fast! [3min 38secs]

TMR Mixers Deliver Higher Rates of Gain! [2min 55secs]

TMR Mixers Clean Out Down to the Last Handful! [1min 14secs]

TMR Mixers Reduce Ration Costs and Raise Rates of Gain! [40secs]

DIG IN with the RAPTOR™! [2min 4secs]

Farm Demo - Patz Truck - Mount Vertical Mixer Features CreepDrive™ [5min 49secs]

Farm Demo - Self - Steering Largest Patz Vertical Mixer [6min 37secs]

1200 Series Vertical Mixers - Strong, Versatile, and Consistent [2min 13secs]

Growing Today's Heifers into Tomorrow's Cows - Patz 800 Series Vertical Mixers [2min 5secs]

Patz Vertical Mixers Deliver Savings! [2min 42secs]

Patz Vertical Mixer Increases Milk Component Values! [1min 17secs]

Round Bale in Big Patz Feed Mixer - Farm Demo [5min 57secs]

Let Patz Handle Your Manure So You Don't Have To - Manure Pump Stories [4min 7secs]

Amazing Feed Mixer Stories Patz 620-720 Cu/Ft Twin Screw Trailer TMR [3min 7secs]

Farm Demo -- The Largest Patz Vertical TMR Feed Mixer, 1400-1580 Cu/Ft [4min 31secs]

Farm Demo -- Truck Mount Vertical Feed Mixer 810-1100 Cu/Ft Patz M-2400 [2min 52secs]

Farm Demo - Patz Portable Chopper in Dairy Barn [2min 56secs]

Bale & Bedding Chopper Cutter Blower Mulcher - Product Overview & Farm Demo Patz Model 9427 [4min 7secs]

Silo Unloader In a Japanese Square Silo - Patz Model 98C [1min 5secs]

Model 98C Surface Drive Silo Unloader - Overview [3min 55secs]

Alley Scraper Systems - High Quality Milk Starts with Cleaner Cows

[4min 22secs]

Stationary Chopper Mulcher Cutting System - Patz M-9427

[2min 44secs]

Farm Demo: Truck Mounted Feed Mixer 810-1100 Cu/Ft

Twin Screw Patz M-2400 [2min 44secs]

Farm Demo: The Largest Patz Feed Mixer 1400-1580 Cu/Ft

Vertical TMR [4min 22secs]

Artex CB2004 video Rev 2

[1min 10secs]